Artbeat Gallery

Artbeat gallery opened its doors in September 2008 on the place du Châtelain in Brussels, one of the liveliest artistic areas in this multicultural city. Owner Kimon Fotiadis had already built up a personal career in kinetic sculpture and, following two years as artistic manager in an exhibition and concert space in Brussels, has now opened his own gallery.

The gallery was created in order to showcase work by both young and established artists who see art as a means of creative interaction, treating people with respect, and refining and redefining artistic principles and media in a conscious dialogue with their public.

The gallery aims to keep pace with contemporary artistic trends, while promoting artists of international stature who stand out for the unique and resourceful way in which they relate to subject matter, media, colours and concepts.

To enlarge the circle of people who feel art to be an integral, functional part of a modern society.